Friday, June 8, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Kitchens

Once again, Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life and this week is kitchens.  I'm obsessed with kitchen designs!  I've always dreamed of designing my own kitchen!  Unfortunately, that will be many years down the road.  Since we are perpetually renters, I have been given the opportunity to understand which designs work for our family and the ones that do not meet our needs.

The best part of our current kitchen is the brightness.  I love that the sunlight shines through all day.  The pale yellow paint color is wonderful.

The kitchen layout is a little awkward and not very spacious.  My husband & I often bump into each while trying to cook.  The countertops are white tile and my least favorite part of the kitchen.

We needed a small kitchen table to fit into the space and I found this one really cheap at Big Lots.  It's actually made pretty well for the price.  The rug was added to break up the boring white tile floor.

This is a wine cabinet that my husband had back in his bachelor days.  It has grown on me.  It's a great place to store and display our wine and wine glasses.  I bought the chalkboard at a flea market in LA and I love it.  The board above it brings in the yellow, blue, and green colors that we have used throughout the kitchen. It was a perfect find at Ross for $10.


When I saw this sign in a store, I had to have it!  I was always taught to take my shoes off after entering a house.  Unfortunately, my husband was not raised with the same idea.  After much compromise (and with the above threat) he has agreed to abide by my wishes!


My sweet neighbor always gives me flowers that I display in the kitchen.  I'm not sure what they are but they smell so wonderful!  It's so great having such thoughtful neighbors.

Happy Friday!