Friday, July 13, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Mantles

When I was growing up, we never had a fireplace or a mantle!  It was something that I always dreamed of having in my own house...especially at Christmas (we always hung our stockings on the back of chairs!).

The one plus about our house is the fireplace and mantle.  It's definitely an unique mantle.  It was designed as a place to put your TV.  With flat screens, this is no longer possible so I had the task of decorating a huge space.

Most of the items on the mantle are items that my husband has picked up on his overseas travels.

The Living Hymns book was in my childhood church for years.  When the church finally decided to replace them, my parents grabbed me one as a keepsake.  The Bible to the right was my first "grown-up" bible.  It's not in the greatest condition, so it's perfect to display.

The lion and the rhino are wood carvings that my husband picked up in Africa.  I absolutely love them!  It's amazing that someone can carve something so beautiful!

My husband picked up this box in the Middle East.  It's beautiful!  When he brought it home, it smelled awful.  I put dryer sheets inside and eventually the smell disappeared.

The keys are a memento from my husband's grandfather.  I think they are unique and such a fun memory to  display on a mantle.

When my husband was in Africa, he told me about these wonderful masks.  I thought it would be fun to have one as a keepsake.  Little did I know that it would be ugly!  Unfortunately, my husband likes it (maybe the movers will accidentally lose it on the next move!).

Have a great weekend!

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