Friday, June 1, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Living Rooms

I am so excited that Kelly's Korner is once again starting the Show Us Your Home segment.  My husband's job requires us to move a lot. This presents many challenges.  I tend to not collect too much stuff or to buy certain pieces of furniture that wouldn't work in every situation.  Plus, we are renters so we don't have the luxury of changing things we don't like.  

The best part about our living room is the amount of natural light.  I love this window!  It's huge.

The house is older so the place above the fireplace was intended to be used as a TV Stand.  This is no longer feasible with flat screens so it became extra space to decorate.  Most of these pieces are things my husband picked up during his travels.  It's not really my aesthetic but it works for the space.

This portion of the living room is technically suppose to be a dining room.  However, being that it's CA, we decided to keep it open since most of the time we eat outside.  The scrolls are from China.  The wooden cabinet has old pictures of my family that I've collected through the years.  It makes me a little less home sick.

I grew up with all of my family living in the same house for 40+ years so moving around is something very new to me.  I've learned (grudgingly) that it's the people that make the home...not the things in it. 

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