Sunday, August 1, 2010

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I love celebrity gossip.  Yes, I understand how pathetic it is but I'm addicted to Us Weekly and People Magazine.  In Us Weekly, they randomly have a column where celebrities write 25 things that are unknown about them.  Since I'm fairly new at blogging and I'm trying so hard to keep it up with it...I decided to steal their idea.  So here goes...

1) I always start my prayers thanking God for bring my husband into my life.
2) I'm a clean freak who hates being disorganized.
3) For me, the idea of travelling is far more exciting than the reality of it.
4)  I'm a country girl.  I raised pigs and was in 4-H as a kid.
5)  Throughout school, the only book I read was Catcher in the Rye.  I used Cliff Notes for the rest.
6)  I hate reading fiction.
7)  I'm terrified of automatic car washes.  It makes me feel claustrophobic.
8)  I love animals and already have the names picked out for my next cat and dog.
9)  You can trace my family lineage back to King Ethelwulf of England.
10)  Aries is my sign and it fits me perfectly.
11)  My favorite color is purple...all shades.
12)  I make wishes when the clock turns to 11:11. 
13)  I'm trying to visit all place in the song Kokomo.  The only two places I have left are Florida Keys (Key  Largo) and Martinique.
14)  I love country music.  Patsy Cline is from my home town.
15)  I think the beach is the most peaceful place on earth.
16)  I've been watching General Hospital since I can remember.  I use to watch it with my Grandmother.  If my husband wasn't in the picture I would name our son Jagger.  Ha!
17)  My favorite ice cream is chocolate.  I know...I live on the wild side.
18)  I'm a morning person and I don't even drink coffee!
19)  I have a bachelor's degree in Banking & Finance and an MBA. 
20)  My first car was actually a 1988 Dodge Ram 50 truck.  Classy!
21)  I love spending time with my parents.
22)  I have over 90 pairs of shoes.
23)  I was 22 when I first flew on a plane.
24)  Running relaxes me.
25)  I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world.