Friday, March 26, 2010

Product Tips!

Over on Kelly’s Korner, its cleaning tips day! I’m a self-obsessed clean freak and I always try new products in hopes that I will find something that reduces effort and time. Needless to say, I waste a lot of money on products that promise a lot but delivery very little!

These are a few of my favorite cleaning products and tips:

My favorite laundry soap is from Charlie’s ( This stuff is wonderful! It’s hypoallergenic and safe for children. It gets some of the toughest stains out and has a nice refreshing smell. Plus, its only 12 cents for each load! I’ve actually turned a few of my friends onto this detergent. My Mom has a front loader and it works great in her machine too. A quick tip…you can usually find it cheaper on Amazon with free shipping!

I’ve tried plenty of window cleaning products and usually get frustrated by the streaks they leave behind. I’ve tried every tip…use cheaper paper towel, newspaper, etc but I always ended up with streaks. Now I use Dirtex spray. You can buy Dirtex at Lowes and it’s usually in the paint section (not with the cleaning products). Dirtex works wonders on windows and glass. Plus it removes sticky, sticker residue that may be on picture frames, plastic containers, plates, etc.

My new favorite product is Kaboom's Foam-Tastic and can be found at Target, Wal-Mart, or other similar stores.  I have spent tons of time scrubbing my shower to remove soap scum. I’ve bought many products and nothing seemed to make this task easier. Recently my curiosity was peeked by the Kaboom’s commercials. Sure enough…this stuff is amazing! You spray and when it turns white, you simply wipe down. It makes cleaning the tubs and showers so much easier! My only complaint is that the spray can is a little messy.
These are just a few of my favorite products. Cheers to happy cleaning!