Thursday, January 14, 2010

What does not kill us makes us stronger!

It's so horrible to see the pictures coming from Haiti!  I can not help but feel so much sorry for these individuals. Even though I have never been to Haiti nor do I  know anyone with family there...I can't help but feel a huge connection to citizens.  I have made a donation through the Red Cross and I feel so helpless that I can not do more.  My only hope is that with the world's help, Haiti will find peace after this disaster.

With this tragedy, I want to remind people who travel overseas to please register with the US Embassy before travelling abroad.  You can go to and register your trip.  By doing this, you are providing the embassy or consulate with contact information in case of a family emergency, natural disaster, civil unrest, etc.  You never realize how important this small step is until a disaster occurs overseas.