Friday, June 18, 2010

We're Engaged...See Ya in Two Months!

Much like most of our relationship, there are tons of highs (my hubby coming home) to lows (my hubby leaving). Our proposal was no different! My husband was leaving the next day for Iraq for at least 2 months. He had only been home for 3 weeks since his last Iraq post (he is a civilian who works for a government agency). We had talked about marriage and we both knew it was in our cards but it’s hard to plan for the future when you are on separate continents! I always told him that I wanted an uneventful proposal because I really wanted to be surprised. The day before my husband was leaving, I was really sad. It was really hard to watch him pack for a trip when I knew that I wouldn't see him for at least 2 months! I was watching Friends while he was packing. We have a very snarky relationship and we often banter back and forth in a jokingly manner. He stood in front of me and I thought he was kneeling down to get something out of the chest that I was sitting on. My response was "you're not made of glass and I can't see the TV through you" (in a lovingly manner of course!).  I think in mid-sentence I realized what he was doing. I don't even remember saying yes (I guess I did at some point). I just remember having tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Although it was tough saying goodbye to him, it was wonderful having a sparkly ring to remind me of our future!

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