Friday, March 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Favorite Charities

Kelly's Korner is hosting Favorite Charities this Friday.  I think giving is so important and I love donating to various organizations!  When my husband and I were married, we agreed that we wanted our guests to donate money to their favorite charities in lieu of gifts.  It was so wonderful to hear about the different charities that received a donation because we got married!  That was truly a celebration!

( crazy cat!)

The charities closest to my heart always involve animals.  I'm a huge animal lover!  I have to admit that I cry when I see the SPCA commercials.  Its hard for me to understand how someone could mistreat or abuse an animal.  Its amazing to own a pet and experience unconditional love from them.  In our area, we have a wonderful non-profit animal adoption center called Briggs Animal Adoption Center.  These animals are treated with care and compassion.  Its an amazing place to tour and I often laugh that these animals are living at the St. Regis of animal shelters!  I am so happy that there are non-profits out there that are dedicated to helping animals finding wonderful, loving homes!

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